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Where oh where do i begin.

Sat on my bed feeling rather drained! I would like to put it all down to this flu/cold I seem to have, but I think I would be lying. I have a huge weight hanging over my head. I need to do so much and I shouldn’t have left it all till now (I can hear my mum saying all this in my head!)

  • Logbook -Not done (started but desperately can’t be bothered to big up the uni anymore, its exhausting. I do feel it is all about writing as much as you can about how amazing and helpful the IMP course is, I want to agree, but I’m definitely struggling!!)
  • Dissertation appointment and ideas with Claudia – Not done (If I’m honest, I’m scared to hear what she thinks about the crappy idea I have already submitted last year. New media comparisons between commercial and charity organisations isn’t really as thrilling and riveting as I want it to be…can’t think of any theory to support it either. I need help but the last thing I want to do is admit that to anyone in authority!)
  • My washing – Partly done (Why is it so much effort to sort the whites from the colours and take it all the way downstairs and wait for a hundred years for it to be cleaned. This is when I miss my Mum the most…!)
  • Type up lecture notes – Not done (I know I’ll get half way through the year and look for those notes and discover they were never typed up and be screwed over. Do it Ellen, do it now! (There goes Mum again..!) Think I need a glass of something strong..!)

Rant over. How very therapeutic you are blog. Thank you.