Its been a while…

Well I don’t know what to say, I have left this way too long. Let me summarise the year that you’ve missed…

-Got a work placement in the summer working with the multiple sclerosis society charity, helping out with the website for six weeks which I’m chuffed about. Not only was it a huge relief to know I have a placement but also to know i’ll be helping out with a charity very close to my heart.

-Got a few good marks and a few not so good marks for projects this year. I seem to have lost it this year. Last year I did really well and felt really confident going into the 2nd year, but now I’ve realised that I needed to constantly keep improving in ALL areas in order to benefit with good marks.

-The biggest challenge this year was the group work. I feel that the group as a whole didn’t merge well together and therefore much of the work was left down to Dan and myself to finish alone. We didn’t get off to a good start as a team member dropped out of the course in week 2 and didn’t mention it to anyone. Meanwhile, clashes were happening between the more confrontational members and the lazier members in the group. Trying to keep the peace proved very difficult for the continuing weeks. Dan and myself were less than happy with the self assessment marks we were given, as we felt some members had been carried through. ANYWAY I think it’s safe to say, I’M SOO GLAD IT’S OVER WITH NOW.

-Presentations were great for me. I think being made to stand up and talk by myself for 5 minutes was the biggest confidence boost imaginable. I was dreading it. Not only do I turn into a beetroot whilst public speaking but also tend to rush through it so that the whole speech is one long sentence of utter nonsense. However, due to our brilliant group, I felt confident in what I was talking about and believed in what I was saying, so much so that I barely needed the cue cards! The mark is not important to me. The fact that I did and did it well in my head and made my group proud was sufficient enough. Thank you whoever decided to put that in as a end of year project. I have officially gone out on a high!

Just completing the PDP essay, oh how I wish I had listened to Marian Mayer and written it last term, now I’m stuck in whilst everyone else is enjoying the great british summer time…learn from my mistakes fellow IMPS!


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