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Great meeting to today with the group and then the IMPS afterwards!

I think we’ve established a logo for our campaign and also a facebook site. Mark had scripted some ideas for the comic strip idea and i need to start some sketches and designs for the characters!

The next few weeks are going to be the busiest for the IMPs in terms of creating a visable website and getting the interactive elements out there as soon as possible. I’m so excited and it all seems to be going well-fingers crossed!


last term….summer project!

When we were first given the project brief, I assumed I’d hate this type of project because of the  extra load I’d have to learn whilst working.

However after meeting my group I soon realised this is exactly the type of challenge i needed and I have a great group around me which will help inspire me and work with me to create a successful campaign that we can all be proud of in the future.

After many days of thought, and a confusion over voting, we have come to the conclusion that fighting back against confectionary companies who abuse animal rights was the the right topic for us. The interactive elements fo us IMPs are going to be tough as Tim, Gary and I are not professionals when it comes to website building but we’ve decided to learn on the job!

I’ve just got back from a very productive day after pitching our idea to Lizzie who gave us very positive feedback! Also, us IMPs hung around after the group meeting and came up with some cool ideas for audience involvement and started to design our campaign logo. We came to the end of the meeting knowing what we wanted to achieve by Thursday when we all meet up as a big group. We want to have the logo complete and possibly up on the Facebook page ready to catch people’s attention alongside our campaign name “Death By Chocolate”

Right I’ve procrastinated enough, time for logo work….:)