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further design ideas…

I spent all of yesterday trying to come up with a first design on photoshop which is good enough…i seem to have a creative block and no ideas from my head are coming out as i want them to on the page. I considered changing my idea all together but came to the conclusion that if i continue on with nature vs technology, something good will come! Anyway, i spent today on and off the computer messing aournd with designs and have created a few, my only problem is, they don’t have a major running theme throughout and this could really confuse my essay when i come to it?!

I been doodling in my sketchbook all week-some designs good, some not so. Need to buy a decent set of colour pencils so i can record what colours i want and where at the time!

better get back to it…:(


paradox logo


The concept of technology combining with nature to create evil…it’s strange how similar this image of a mushroom cloud looks just like a tree!

Found a solution?

Since writing in my blog last wednesday, i have stuck to my list of things to do and i think i’ve been fairly successful! I have drawn out all the design ideas i had and also come to a point where i think i can start thinking of the five final designs. i’m going to stick with the nature vs technology idea purely because all my designs are based on this and my images will have a running theme and when it comes to writing out the essay, i will have lots to talk about within this theme. 

When coming up with ideas for the second one day project, i have found another “branch” in nature that i would like to use in my final designs…just shows messing around on photoshop can pay off!!

Finding a solution

In keeping with my challenge set for today, i have decided to write about what i hope to achieve and how I’m going to further the project today. I have the whole day to come up solutions and try and break down this mental barrier which is affecting my work.

1. Draw out all ideas and possible designs in sketchbook and use words to accompany the illustrations, this way when it comes to the final designs, I’ll have a better understanding of my own ideas! (write about use of colour, texture, shape etc.)

2. Glue in images found from magazines etc and explain my reasons and how they have inspired my designs.

3. Try and find a less general topic or more detailed reason for using the theme of nature vs technology.

4. After completeing the above, mess around on photoshop with images and work out what knowledge i will need to brush up on in order to design the 5 images!

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Hi there! I’m studying Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University to further my skills and experience and to be able to express the ideas floating around in my head! I’ll write in the blog whenever something eventful happens or i do or see something which inspires me on the course…